Crowding & Boarding

ACEP Provides Feedback on CMS Boarding Measure

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is working on a new measure to track boarding in the emergency department. ACEP members are involved in the process and ACEP has now shared formal ...

ACEP Leads National Summit on the Boarding Crisis


Leave without being seen


No open PICU beds

Make waves

It's a tragedy

It is only a matter of time

Killing our patients

Getting numb

No privacy and no rest

New placement

Acts of bravery

And so they stay

Verge of collapsing

No end in sight

Sick kids are stuck

Frightened and in pain

Slumped in their chair

Please do something

The health of our nation


Severe overcrowding


Something has to be done

Needle in a haystack

Hallway beds

Budget issues

Zero beds available

Life-threatening issue

MacGyver solutions

Emergent conditions

Awaiting inpatient psychiatric care


I hope I make it

ED never closes

Patients hate it

Without privacy

Children's hospitals throughout the country

Not a safe situation

In the waiting room

Nowhere to go

High costs

Not uncommon

Moral injury

No net at all

Looking for beds

Our sickest patients

Skin in the game

My plea

Awaiting acceptance

We need help



At the breaking point

No beds

No nurses

People keep coming

Dangerously Overcrowded

In dire straits

Boarding in the ER hallway


Hopeless and beaten down

Bed assignment

A commitment to provide rapid care

35 Boarders

Help needed—to say the least!

Rooms no bigger than closets

In shock

A crisis!

My last shift

Every available space

Crash and burn

In the hallway

Psychiatric holds

Waiting and waiting

Heroic efforts

Feel human

The patients overflow

Social safety net

Timely transfer

A national issue

No room to go

Yes, boarding is bad

Underserved, under resourced

Not safe

An afterthought

For days to weeks

Our most vulnerable patients

Died unnoticed

Do the math


No limits

Wait list

Killing the morale

Over four weeks in the emergency department

No sign of easing up

Since I was in Iraq

The new reality

Everything with nothing

Interrupting patient care


No space

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