Emergency Department Boarding Stories

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For days to weeks


"We are a 72-bed ED in inner-city. On most days we have 30-50 patients in our ED that have been waiting for inpatient beds for over 48 hours.

We also have behavioral health patients in our ED for days to weeks, one who has been in our ED since July 2022 (it’s now October 23, 2022) with no end in sight."

Help needed—to say the least!

We are a 15 Bed ER that we historically expanded to some 44 care bays, hallway gurneys, and such.

Leave without being seen

We have had 20+ boarders in an ED with 40 beds on many days over the last few months.

It's a tragedy

For over a year now we have been boarding 60-80 patients daily in our 80-90 bed ED.

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