Emergency Department Boarding Stories

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Looking for beds

imagefkrw.png"We had a 72 y/o Native American male who had a new stroke on CAT Scan. We are a free standing ER on a reservation with no inpatient beds. We called four states looking for beds and were put on wait lists at several facilities in [state]. Staff called every shift trying to get a bed, but after three days of sitting in an ER bed we sent him home with outpatient follow up."


Today’s 8 am system snapshot: We have three EDs with beds of 75 (45 staffed), 42, 11 respectively.

Severe overcrowding

Severe overcrowding in ED (HOLDS) and waiting room (WR) (2nd to no ED beds).

Wait list

In a state known for education and health care, MA, we are a small hospital without many resources.

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