Emergency Department Boarding Stories

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"Our 18 bed ED did hold patients but we were lucky that the NICU was closed and they placed beds side by side with over 30 intubated patients in addition to the 32 bed ICU which was full. It was horrible but not as bad as our free standing ER's which have 9 beds and all were holding 6+ patients on oxygen for days. Any intubated patients were transferred to our ER, but the ER doc's at the FED's were working as hospitalist as well as taking care of new patients."

Patients hate it

I work in an emergency department in a Virginia suburban setting. Our facility has such a shortage o...

A commitment to provide rapid care

We are a community hospital caring for about 50,000 visits a year.

And so they stay

It is time to stop believing that One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is the only way for patients with ...

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