Emergency Department Boarding Stories

Table of Contents

Hallway beds

imageh0ai9.png"This ED had 30 rooms with beds, as well as five hallway beds. On any given day, I would come in for night shift at 21:00, with three rooms to work out of, the other 27 would have boarding patients in them, and several of them were critical ICU patients. The would be no available hall beds to work out of, and 45 patients in the waiting room to be seen. Sometimes, you would have patients having heart attacks or blood clots in their lungs in the waiting room, because the boarding patients in the beds would be sicker, and we wouldn't be able to treat them because we didn't have monitoring equipment, or enough nurses to care for them."

Budget issues

We are a top nationally ranked hospital that, due to budget issues, has now prioritized transfers an...

Skin in the game

Nursing staffing shortages (nursing) on the floors keep beds closed to admissions, so they back up i...

Zero beds available

We are one of the biggest departments and hospitals in the state, and we routinely have 20-40 patien...

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