Emergency Department Boarding Stories

Table of Contents

Not a safe situation


"We are a 25 bed ED but were using hallway beds numbered 1-18 as well on this particular day. We had 25 boarded patients with six of those boarded patients in a hallway. It was 8am at this time and we still had patients in the waiting room who had been there for over ten hours. I had a patient come in through EMS with complete heart block and he was in the hallway without a monitor due to the boarding issues. That is not a safe situation for the patient at all."

We need help

Our rural facility is the only hospital in the greater region that is capable of managing a wide ran...

Acts of bravery

We are a large ED with 60 beds. We are regularly holding 45 to as many as 75 admitted patients daily...

In the hallway

We are a ten bed ED. We had 20 patients, ten boarders, eight in waiting when a cardiac arrest was br...

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