Emergency Department Boarding Stories

Table of Contents

Our sickest patients

image7rxas.png"We are an essentially freestanding ER and have about eight beds with one trauma/resuscitation room. Normally transfers for higher level of care would be completed within a few hours. We typically transfer patients to one of two larger institutions. We are now boarding patients on average ~48 hours. This has severely compromised our care for our sickest patients. Because of the delays, we are having patients leave against medical advice that truly should be admitted to the hospital. The delays in care are hampering our ability to care for a vulnerable population of people in our small community."

Needle in a haystack

Our ED has 70+ beds, which we can flex up to even around 100 by putting patients in hall beds.

Bed assignment

We are a 17 bed ED are responsible for seeing 110 patients per day.

The new reality

I work in two emergency departments. One is a 60 bed emergency department and the other is about 40 ...

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