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Know All 30+ Risk Factors for Severe COVID-19

Access CDC’s full list of conditions that put your patients at risk for progression to severe COVID-19 here such as older age (now 50+ as of 12/5/22), obesity, and smoking.

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Is There a Key to Sepsis? Unlocking the CBC

Join Dr. Nima Sarani from Kansas University Medical Center as he discusses the latest evidence and practical utility of the FDA-cleared Monocyte Distribution Width (MDW) hematological biomarker as an ...

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Management Pathways for PE

PERT consortium invites you to listen to a podcast moderated by Emily Gundert, MD, and joined by Geno Merli, MD, and Jeff Kline, MD, as they discuss the management of pathways for the treatment and ma...

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Mitigating Hematoma Expansion: HCP Insights

Join Dr Opeolu Adeoye as he shares his thoughts on predictors of hematoma expansion for an intracranial hemorrhage (ICH), the effects of hematoma expansion on ICH patient outcomes and mortality, and p...

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Guidelines and use of Nasal High Flow for COVID-19

Guidelines for the clinical management of COVID-19 from organizations, such as the NIH, SSC, and ACEP, recommend the use of Nasal High Flow as respiratory support in adults.

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Brain Injury Assessment

BrainScope mTBI Assessment: BrainScope’s advanced AI and machine learning technology identifies objective markers of structural and functional mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) in under 20 minutes.

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