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Being an emergency physician is tough. Because each day presents a new challenge, let us help you find the right support.

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Our New Wellness Guidebook

From Self to System – Being Well in Emergency Medicine offers in-depth solutions to many of the systemic issues that plague emergency physicians today. 

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Reinvigorating Emergency Medicine Webinars

Experts discuss systemic transformation toward workplace well-being, burnout and compassion fatigue, second victim syndrome, and narrative medicine.

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Peer Support

In This Together

We are 20 months into a global pandemic, and emergency physicians are exhausted. But you aren't in this alone.

Webinar: How to Start a Peer Support Program

Dr. Charissa Pacella, Co-leader of Physicians for Physicians Peer Support Program, and Dr. Jack Rozel, Medical Director at resolve Crisis Services for a discussion on starting peer support programs.

Why Peer Support?

An EM physician’s first unexpected bad outcome or lawsuit can be devastating. Many wonder why everyone else seems to be coping better. Once you open up to a colleague, you realize you're not alone.

Try Theater of War for Your Workplace

Have you heard of Theater of War? ACEP hosted two online sessions this year to help emergency physicians process the burden of the pandemic in a unique, interactive way, and there may be more sessions...




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