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Why now?

Emergency medicine physicians work on the front lines of medicine. You encounter the full spectrum of clinical crises. You balance bedside care with limited resources and ever-increasing expectations. 

ACEP understands that your expertise and experience are your most powerful tools, and that sharing them with other emergency physicians and hospitals can improve patient outcomes across the country.

Which is why ACEP established the Emergency Medicine Data Institute (EM Data Institute). The EM Data Institute puts data and technology to work to elevate the impact and visibility of emergency medicine and physicians to help people live happier, healthier lives.


Changing the face of emergency medicine

By harnessing vital data from ACEP’s own clinical registries, and from emergency medicine departments nationwide, the EM Data Institute will bring insight and innovation to improve performance and quality of care and transform practice management.

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But our vision for the EM Data Institute doesn’t stop there.

EM Data Institute data metrics will inform future benchmarking and predictive modeling of major health events, helping to shape national health policy and population health management. By owning the collection and usage of emergency medicine data and intelligence, EM physicians will be empowered to win grants for research and innovation, increase personal income and practice profitability, and help define the value of emergency care. Read news on the EM Data Institute and much more from ACEP leaders and volunteers.

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The EM Data Institute-CEDR connection

The EM Data Institute is powered by several federal research partnerships, and by member data harnessed from ACEP’s existing clinical registries—primarily, the Clinical Emergency Data Registry, or CEDR.

When you and your practice group participate in CEDR, you help all emergency physicians make swift, smart decisions at the bedside.

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