February 28, 2024

Emergency Medicine Data Institute: Changing the Face of Emergency Medicine

By harnessing vital data from ACEP’s own clinical registries, and from emergency medicine departments nationwide, the EM Data Institute will bring insight and innovation to improve performance and quality of care and transform practice management.


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[Narrator] Emergency physicians work on the front lines of medicine. You encounter the full spectrum of clinical crises. You balance bedside care with limited resources and ever-increasing expectations. So often you feel isolated, even burned out. No two days are the same.

The American College of Emergency Physicians is your professional home and staunch advocate. ACEP understands that your expertise and experience are your most powerful tools, and that sharing them with other emergency physicians and hospitals can improve patient outcomes across the country. Excellence in acute unscheduled care begins and ends with you, which is why ACEP has been working tirelessly to establish an innovative new Emergency Medicine Data Institute.

Through the EM Data Institute, you will have access to clinical data, quality measures, payer data, and point of care tools that make a difference at the bedside. You'll be able to share best practices and benchmarks across EDs nationwide. The EM Data Institute is powered by member data from ACEP's own clinical registries, primarily the Clinical Emergency Data Registry, or CEDR.

When you participate in CEDR, you help all emergency physicians to make swift, smart decisions at the bedside, define the value of emergency medicine and inform future benchmarking, policies and predictive modeling of major health events. The EM Data Institute is powered by CEDR and CEDR begins with you and your practice.

Ease some of your daily burdens, connect with your community. Bring new dimensions to acute unscheduled care. The EM Data Institute is a vital opportunity for ACEP and our promise to members. Together we are changing the face of emergency medicine. Learn more at

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