ACEP is working to protect you, demand safer environments for you and your patients, and ensure you are fairly paid. One emerging strategy is emergency physician unionization.

ACEP is engaging with emergency physicians in real time as they unionize in states across the country, offering support and tracking outcomes. We are putting resources behind studying unionization and its impact on emergency physicians and planning for future research in this developing area. Read more about ACEP's initial efforts in our new member-developed information paper.

This page is dedicated to keeping you updated on late-breaking news on unionization and sharing new resources as they're developed for you and your colleagues.

In the News

Citing ‘burnout,’ doctors with ChristianaCare file papers to form system’s first labor union

Doctors unionize as healthcare services are consolidated into corporate systems

UCLA nurses fight schedule changes, hundreds threaten to quit

Kaiser physicians vote to unionize

America's newest doctors fuel efforts to unionize

Emergency Medicine Unionization Survey Results

ACEP reached out to member and non-member emergency physicians earlier this year and asked about the level of interest in emergency medicine unionization. A survey sent to 50,590 attendings and physicians in training received 4,804 responses.



Information Paper: A New Resource from the Med-Legal Committee

Podcast: Is there a You in Union? EM Unionization Update (ACEP Frontline)

Article: EM at a Crossroads: Financial Viability and Workforce Dynamics Post-COVID-19 (Annals)

Podcast: Is It Time? Unionization of EM Breakdown (ACEP Frontline)

Article: Is It Time to Unionize (ACEPNow)

ACEP23 Courses: Diving into Unionization

Are Unions The Answer?
An overview of the history of unions in medicine, how they function, and their pros and cons.

A Primer and Discussion on EM Employment Models
An objective presentation of the pros/cons of each EM employment model, plus panel discussion and Q&A.

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This group brings together emergency physicians interested in issues related to the labor challenges faced by practicing emergency clinicians. We provide a platform for emergency physicians to discuss, advocate for, and implement strategies related to labor rights, working conditions, and fair compensation. 

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