June 4, 2020


Reduced volumes in emergency departments across the country have led to financial concerns for many EM physicians. If you’re worried, you’re not alone.

Support & Guidance

ACEP is standing up for our members who, despite serving on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, are having their livelihoods threatened. Cutting benefits, reducing shifts or canceling contracts in today’s environment is akin to signing a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order for many emergency departments and the physicians who care for patients, especially those in rural or underserved areas. Emergency physicians must not be taken for granted. Read ACEP’s full statement.

The COVID-19 Financial Survival Guide includes tips for accessing government support, legal assistance, student loan and investing resources, and considerations for small groups.

ACEP’s regulatory and advocacy teams are pushing for emergency medicine to receive support as part of the distribution of the COVID-19 Provider Relief Funds. Updates are posted regularly to the Financial Support for Health Care Practitioners page.


COVID CARES Act Reimbursement and Regulatory Webinars
Learn how to financially protect your practice during these extraordinarily fluid and challenging times with this webinar series.


ACEP Frontline Featured Episodes:

Bankruptcy and Healthcare in the Time of COVID-19
Host Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP, speaks with Tamar Dolcourt, an attorney from Foley and Lardner LLP about the intricacies of bankruptcy. The general public may not realize the financial impacts of COVID-19 on healthcare companies, but we do. Tamar's insight will help you understand what you can do, can't do, and should do if faced with an employer bankruptcy.

EM Resident Finances
Host Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP, talks to Dr. Scott Pasichow about finances as a resident transitioning to an attending. How do you go from spending massive amounts of money on education, to making a little in residency and now looking at the salary of an attending physician? What about insurance? When do you start planning for retirement? Find out on this episode!


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