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Emergency Medicine Wellness Week is June 3-9 and ACEP’s Well-Being Committee and Wellness Section have organized several activities for each day. Join the events and take some time for your own wellne...

Well Workplace

Quarter 1 Newsletter 2024: Workplace Safety

ACEP Urges Congress to Support Physician Mental Health, Pediatric Emergency Care

Building a Wellness Program in Your Emergency Department

Letter from the Chair

Commemorating National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

Member Spotlights: Black History Month

Miraval Wellness Retreat

Letter from the Chair: Wilderness = Wellness

COMPASS Huntington: A Unique First Responder Wellness Center

ACEP Elects New Members of the 2021 Board of Directors

Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act

Workplace Boundaries: The Key to Beating Burnout

2024 Emergency Medicine Wellness Center of Excellence Award Form

Ride with #BikERdocs on Peloton

January 2022 Board Blog - Future Plans, Challenging an Unbalanced Law, and More

EM Wellness Center of Excellence Award

HeART of EM Virtual Gallery at ACEP21

In This Together - Part 4

In This Together - Part 3

EM Understands: Andrea Green, MD, FACEP (Texas)

In This Together - Part 2

Lara Vanyo, MD (New York City)

John Corker, MD, FACEP (Ohio/Texas)

Ricky Thompson, DO (Austin, TX)

In This Together - Part 1

Arvind Venkat, MD, FACEP (Pittsburgh)

Gillian Schmitz, MD, FACEP (San Antonio)

Andrea Austin, MD, FACEP (San Diego, CA)

Liz Mesberg (Portland, OR)

Kathryn Wiesendanger (Dublin, Ireland)

EM Understands

Well-Being Committee

Mental Health Resources for Physicians

Mental Health Resources for Med Students and Residents

Suicide and Veterans In Your ED

Barriers to ED Patient Psychiatric Care

Suicide and Patients In Your ED

Suicide: What It Is, What To Do

Resources for Dealing with Stress Brought on by Terrorist Attacks

The Aging Emergency Physician: Recommended Health Screenings

Resources For Emergency Physician In Pre-Retirement Years

Physician Impairment Resources

Core Readings In Wellness for Residents

Annotated Bibliography for Physicians in Pre-retirement Years

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Wellness Section

Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act Introduced in Senate

A Safe Space to Talk

Copyright Assignment Agreement: Submission Guidelines

Why Peer Support?

Try Theater of War for Your Workplace

Who's Got Your Back? Psychological Awareness & Team Support

Hurting & Helping: Team Care and Self Care During Crisis

Why Your Staff Needs a Mental Health Care Access Map

Peer Support Basics

Peer Support Project

Member Spotlight: Jonathan Warren

Letter from the Chair

How To Make Changes Without Being Disruptive, Part 2

Personal Reflection from the Chair

Love in the Time of Corona

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Patient Care


Physician Suicide



Let's Talk engagED Platform

Compassion Fatigue

Diversity & Equity


Treatment of Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Self

Physician Wellness: Peer Support and More

ACEP Mourns Loss of NY Physician, Dr. Lorna Breen

COVID-19 & Mental Health

ACEP Offers, Wellness, and Counseling Services

Now is NOT the Time to Reduce Support for Emergency Physicians

Thanking Your Emergency Medicine Team

Supporting the Health Care Workforce During the COVID-19 Global Epidemic

Emergency Medicine Wellness Center of Excellence Award

Chief Wellness Officer Polling Question and Online Module

ACEP Wellness & Assistance Program

Liquid Geography

Wonder Woman

Q&A with Philip Levin

How to Make Changes Without Being Labelled as Disruptive, Part 1: Stop Being a Doctor

My Journey to Wellness

Note from Section Chair

Physician Suicide

Eating and Drinking in the ED

Avoid Burnout by Managing Your Stress

Financial Well-Being

Find Your Gratitude

Leadership Resiliency During Times of Constant Change

ZDoggMD Talks to Emergency Physicians About Happiness and Health

One-Minute Stress-Busters

Joy in the Work: Helping Others Overcomes Physician Burnout

Bouncing Back

Unmask a Demon


Victorious Breath

The Emotion Turmoil of Litigation Stress

Coping with Litigation Stress

Physician Suicide

Litigation: It's About the Money

Cultivating Connections

End Of Shift Tips

Every Day You Focus – Meditation Basics

Compassion Fatigue

Financial Serenity - Seven Simple Steps

Resilience in the Life of an Emergency Physician

How Can We Cope With the Stresses the EMR Causes?

New Beginnings and Transitions

Get Some Sleep! A Few Words on Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Wellness MP3 Presentations

Core Readings on Wellness for Emergency Physicians

Avoid Burnout by Managing Your Stress

ACEP-Supported Innovations Bill Sent to President

Congress Approves Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act

Family and Medical Leave

Emergency Physician Shift Work

Considerations for Emergency Physicians in Pre-Retirement Years

Physician Impairment

Physician Wellness Hub

Mental Health Advocacy

Letter from the Dr. Pamela Ross, Section Chair

How to Start Conversations that Move Your Organization toward Greater Health

The American Psychiatric Association Follows Emergency Physicians Into Burn-out

Why did I choose EM? Three 12’s and no Beeper.

What Physicians Can Do to Help Themselves

A Letter From The Chair