September 3, 2021

Lara Vanyo, MD (New York City)

"I would have to say that this year has been incredibly challenging for me, as well as everyone else I know. One of the things that kind of keeps me going is, is just thinking about all the blessings that I do have - a quote by Roy T. Bennett that says ‘Count your blessings, not your problems.’
It can be easy to get bogged down in all the issues that we're facing, but when I come home and I see my children, when I think about the fact that I have a job and a job where I get to take care of people, or I get to go into work every day and be with my colleagues -- as hard as it is, I get to have that interaction.
I think about the fact that, you know, what are my problems could be blessings in somebody else's eyes. The fact that I get to, well, I fear about my health and the danger is going to work… I get to go to work, and I get to be with those who I care about.

I think sort of keeping things in perspective and remembering the things that are positive and wonderful in my life. If anything, this year has really pointed out what those things are and what is most important. For that, I'm actually grateful."

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