Wellness Section Resources

Suicide Prevention Awareness

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States. To help remove the stigma, legislative & regulatory barriers, and fear of psychiatric emergencies and mental health care, ACEP is bringing a week of resources for emergency psychiatric care in the ED.

Suicide: What It Is, What To Do

A resource page for patients & the public, containing data and primers on psychiatric emergencies and care.

Suicide and Patients In Your ED

Resources for physicians caring for emergency department patients with mental health crises.

Barriers to ED Patient Psychiatric Care

Legislative, regulatory, and cultural barriers to care for the public.

Suicide and Veterans In Your ED

Resources for physicians caring for veterans in their emergency departments, discussing the unique needs of this population.

Mental Health Resources for Med Students and Residents

Resources for emergency medicine med students and residents.

Mental Health Resources for Physicians

Resources for all emergency medicine physicians.

Misc. Resources

ACEP Debriefing Reference Badge Buddy

CWO White Paper (Health Planning Management)

New Wellness Guide: From Self to System Being Well in Emergency Medicine

Annotated Bibliography for Physicians in Pre-retirement Years

Core Readings In Wellness for Residents

Physician Impairment Resources

Resources For Emergency Physician In Pre-Retirement Years

The Aging Emergency Physician: Recommended Health Screenings

Resources for Dealing with Stress Brought on by Terrorist Attacks

Ideal residency has therapy dogs, scribes & time for lunch

What I say to suicidal physicians

Pamela Wible MD Podcasts

Wellness Book of Emergency Physicians (PDF)

The GEM (Gratification in Emergency Medicine) Project Executive Summary (PDF)

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