August 8, 2017

A Letter From The Chair

Just when I thought I had my life under reasonable control – it goes asunder with the most precise timing that precisely informs me that control is a figment of my imagination.   So I continue my practice of acceptance and surrender and think back to a more peaceful time and embrace that for now.

I had a three week mind/body/spirit sojourn at Martha’s Vineyard.  During my stay, I took the Vineyard Haven Ferry over to Falmouth, MA because the Shining Sea Bikeway had extended personal invitation to me – by spirit.  The paved, winding path was a beautiful site and I have no regrets.

I am reminded of the two things that came up during my Biking Meditation

  • It is not a question of whether we are capable.  The question is whether we are willing.  The current state of many of our work environments appear to indicate that for a long time, Emergency Physicians have been willing to make some toxic Emergency Department environments prosper.  We have simply been willing... 
  • VOICE... and the sounds of it and the feeling of it and the blessing of it and the power of it.  The unity of voice has the power to create so much change in the world.

I am pleased with the activity and progress of the Wellness Section.  Our leaders have worked in a diligent and collaborative fashion to continue to bring wellness resources to our members.  I am filled with gratitude for our section being selected as recipients of a Section Grant that will bring Katherine Sanders, PhD who will share her expertise in the external factors of a work environment that affect the wellness of Emergency Physicians during our upcoming Scientific Assembly in Washington, DC.  Her session will be turned into a podcast and made available to all members.  You have already started to hear from Katherine through the outstanding contributions she has made to our Newsletter.

To follow up on the memo submitted to the ACEP Board of Directors recommending that ACEP sign on as a partner for World Suicide Prevention Day – I am pleased to report that the ACEP Board of Directors did, indeed, cast their vote to do this during their June Meeting.

ACEP Scientific Assembly and Council Meeting fast approaching, and we are diligently working to create a positive wellness experience for attendees that start with the ACEP Council. 

Stay tuned… there is so much more to come!

Be well,

Pamela Ross, MD, FACEP, FAAP
Chair, ACEP Wellness Section

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