June 14, 2020

Join Our Peer Support Efforts

Want to get more involved in the Peer Support Project?

This initiative is just getting started, and we're excited about building a compassionate, helpful network of peer supporters.

Sign up for the SUPPORTER list if you:

  • Have good intentions of checking on your peers more often but get waylaid by your busy schedule
  • Have ever stopped yourself from asking how someone was doing because you weren't sure what to say
  • Understand what a relief it can be to talk to someone who "gets it"
  • Want to learn more ways institutions and employers can provide mental health support for their health care workers

We got into this profession because we love helping people and solving problems. Signing up to receive updates and reminders from the Peer Support Project is a simple step you can take to push back against the barriers to care and culture within medicine that causes many of your colleagues to suffer in silence.

Sign up for the SUPPORTER list.

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