September 3, 2021

John Corker, MD, FACEP (Ohio/Texas)

"Today was a pretty rough day. To be honest with you, compared to the last couple of weeks, months, even the last year or two, I felt fairly defeated today. Working eight out of nine, just found mold in my house (it's a new build, as of 2019 - it's a brand new house), having to deal with some family health issues… just been kind of a rough day.

But I really have to give credit to my wife for challenging me to think of something to be positive about, one thing to be thankful for. At the end of the day, just that few seconds of pause helped me realize, Hey, I have a job to pay for these repairs, I have a wonderful family, I have a wonderful wife to worry about and take care of.

There's a positive side, I think, to anything negative that can affect us each day. And it's easy to fall down that rabbit hole. Everybody, inevitably, is going to have bad days.

I would at least encourage anyone here to reach out to someone on those days that are particularly bad. Reach out to someone else and just tell them how much you love them, admire them, respect them. That can really change things around for them.

For me, I just had a patient ask if I had my own practice and if I'd be their primary care doctor.  While I would never wish the task list of a primary care doctor on my worst enemy, it really turned things around for me, that shift, which had been particularly difficult and long.

I'm here for you. Just know that everybody has bad days. Just know that, when you think like you're having a worse day than those around you… You're going to social media, Facebook and everybody's lives are perfect -- just remember everybody has bad days and challenges. Just take that moment to have some perspective, reach out to someone, tell them how you feel and think of one thing that you're thankful for.

Take care, everybody, and keep up the great work."

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