Emergency Department Boarding Stories

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No privacy and no rest


"We have a family member developed an abdominal infection after a medical procedure at a well-known hospital. He was unable to be readmitted due to a bed shortage, so instead he sat in the crowded waiting room for almost 12 hours in severe pain while waiting for a bed in the ER.

Once they got him into the ER he waiting on a gurney in the hallway of the ER for over 24 hours waiting for a bed in the hospital. For over a full day her got no privacy and no rest. The ER staff were doing the best they could but the place was crawling with patients. It was appalling."


Not safe

I am a steady night time ED doctor for many years now.

Everything with nothing

We are a 30-ish bed ED. It has become a daily occurrence for over 25 of our beds to be occupied by b...

Interrupting patient care

I'm working in an nine-bed ED with an additional three-beds dedicated to psychiatric patients.

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