Emergency Department Boarding Stories

Table of Contents

Emergent conditions


"At times we've had up to 50 patients holding in the ED. We have had to resort to treating patients from the waiting room. We have many senior patients.  Some are sleeping, slumped over in wheelchairs in the waiting room over 16 hours waiting for treatment. We have found emergent conditions in our waiting room including intracranial bleeding, saddle pulmonary emboli, acute stroke, complete heart block. We have had people suffer cardiac arrest in the waiting room while waiting for room in the ED. It is critical that admitted patients are moved out of the ED so we can continue to care for patients in a safe, efficient manner."

Heroic efforts

We are a 65 bed peds and adult urban ED, with a baseline of 10-20 boarders in the ED at all times.

35 Boarders

Today, 35 boarders at 7am ranging in waits from three to 31 hours.

Verge of collapsing

We have ~70 beds, this AM we had 42 admitted patients (admitted up to 38 hours earlier), 10 boarding...

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