Emergency Department Boarding Stories

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Underserved, under resourced


"Underserved, under resourced ED in east brooklyn, level 1 trauma center, boarders sit in our ED for days on end. Hallways are lined with boarders. I come to work four days later and still see patients I admitted four days ago. 40 beds and half of these are boarders. So many patients get agitated and frustrated that they constantly come up to the doctors station demanding to be seen, we have to constantly stop what we are doing to call the team from upstairs who is taking care of them. Multiple codes for patients admitted that we end up running in the ED for patients we haven’t even seen and have no history on."

My last shift

We are a ~50 bed ER with a dedicated psychiatric and separate minor care treatment area.

Died unnoticed

We are a large emergency department in an urban center.

It is only a matter of time

We have 26 beds in the emergency department but often over 50 total patients.

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