Emergency Department Boarding Stories

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New placement


"As relates boarding group home patients, we currently have six, boarding for 1,250-3,600 hours. In all cases, we 'inappropriate/unlawful' discharges from existing group homes. In all cases, group home and guardian (ironically often DSS or LME) have already been trying to find new placement due to chronic behavioral issues (and not acute psychiatric illness).

When they are unable to find that new placement, they will either send to ED under guise of some new symptom or will involuntary commitment patient. In almost all cases, no basis for involuntary commitment, but rather chronic behavioral symptoms. After inappropriately trying to discharge or dump in ED, these group homes and guardians will then try to block return to their rightful home/group home. In many of these cases, DSS as the guardian is violating their own/state statutes that we set up to govern appropriate discharge, and subvert the associated patient's appeals process (and no where in appropriate discharge statute does it reference instead dumping patient in ED and refusing return)."

Acts of bravery

We are a large ED with 60 beds. We are regularly holding 45 to as many as 75 admitted patients daily...

In the hallway

We are a ten bed ED. We had 20 patients, ten boarders, eight in waiting when a cardiac arrest was br...

No space

We have 15 medical beds and then there is a psychiatric side of the ER. We routinely hold/board doub...

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