Emergency Department Boarding Stories

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Awaiting inpatient psychiatric care

imagefad0a.png"My 43 bed ED presently has 30 behavior health boarders, ranging in wait times from 12 hours to 873 hours. Thankfully, in this moment, there are no pediatric patients among that unfortunate group. We usually have one to three young patients awaiting inpatient psychiatric care. At present, we have no medical boarders, which is unusual, and as it is Monday, I anticipate that that will change. Under "normal" circumstances, we board 15-20 medical patients, often beyond 24 hours, and we usually board 10-20 BH patients. As recently as last week, we had several consecutive overnight shifts with 40+ combined boarders, 40+ in the WR with 12+ hour-long waits, and four to six nurses covering the entire department."

Leave without being seen

We have had 20+ boarders in an ED with 40 beds on many days over the last few months.

It's a tragedy

For over a year now we have been boarding 60-80 patients daily in our 80-90 bed ED.

Without privacy

We are a 25 bed ED but we see on average 150 patients per day.

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