Hospital Flow Solutions

Feel overcrowded? Need more inpatient beds, nurses? Do you realize you may be hemorrhaging millions because of FIXABLE problems with flow and length of stay? Don’t add a single bed or staff member until watching these sessions. Maybe you won't need any.

There are hundreds of process improvements for flow, but only a handful actually work to FIX problems associated with an apparent lack of sufficient inpatient beds. 

Before you launch another initiative or hire another consultant, learn about the key processes that work (and ones that don’t), with practical advice from hospital experts with first-hand experience from "Hospital Flow: Real Changes Can Save Lives and Reduce Costs," a one-day conference in May 2017, which offered battle-tested solutions.

Watch sessions about:

  • Introduction to the Problem - Jay Kaplan, MD, FACEP
  • Discussion of Full Capacity Protocol - Peter Viccellio, MD, FACEP
  • Smoothing of Elective Admissions - Eugene Litvak, PhD
  • Early Discharge - Katherine Hochman, MD, FHM
  • Enhancing Weekend Discharges - Peter Semczuk, DDS, MPH
  • Roundtable with Key Takeaways - all faculty



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