Analysis of School Shooting Data to Inform Emergency Medical Responses

This course for TALEM Section members will present an analysis of school shooting data to inform emergency medical responses within Tactical and Law Enforcement Medicine.

Tourniquet Conversion: Considerations for Tactical Medical Professionals and Law Enforcement

Firearm familiarization for the TALEM Professional – the Submachine Gun

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“Sound arguments for the purchase and use of firearm suppressors” A Physician’s Perspective and Recommendations

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2021 Law Enforcement Officer, Line of Duty Deaths – the Impact of COVID-19

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COMPASS Huntington: A Unique First Responder Wellness Center

The Armed Tactical Medical Professional - Weapons Selection for the Tactical Medical Provider

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Letter from the Chair

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Considerations During Cold Weather Ops for LEO and TMPs

Medical Considerations for Law Enforcement in Mass Casualty Incidents

Law Enforcement Officer Suicides: Risk Factors and Limitations on Data Analysis

Heart Disease in Law Enforcement

Exercise Recommendations for Law Enforcement Personnel

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Supplements & The Tactical Athlete: Brief Update

Pre-Hospital Use of Ketamine in the Combative Patients

CoTCCC Tranexamic Acid Update for the TEMS Provider

Xylazine, an Emerging Adulterant

Law Enforcement Officer Line of Duty Deaths

MRDO – Micro Red Dot Optics – A consideration for Tactical Medical Providers

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Lessons Learned from the “Unite the Right Rally” of 2017

2020 Law Enforcement Officer, Line of Duty Deaths: The Impact of COVID-19

Hydrofluoric Acid Injuries and Illness for First Responders

Portland’s Rapid Response Team, a Novel Approach to TEMS in Civil Disturbance

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