October 14, 2022

Looking Back - Letter From the Chair

It has been an honor to serve as TEMS Section Chair these past 2 years. Having been a participant since its inception in 2003, it has been a highlight of my career to take on this role and watch our Section grow. Together, we weathered a pandemic and pressed forward as physicians in each of our hometowns. Together, as a Section of physicians dedicated to supporting law enforcement and tactical teams, we have made significant strides in the field. Our members continue to attend law enforcement training and operations, and render hands-on medical care for officers, citizens, suspects, and others in need. It is with pride and a true sense of accomplishment that we serve together.

Over the past 24 months, we enhanced our Tactical EM website, adding a "members only" private section. This has allowed protected access to important lectures, photographs, and our educational webinars. Much additional information and lectures and photos were added. The benefit of earning CME (at the right price - free) was appreciated by our members.

For the first time in our Section's history, we have had a quarterly newsletter printed and posted and emailed to our Section Members for the 2 past years, allowing distribution of important information and updates. At our webinars, we have fostered healthy discussion, brainstorming, and networking among our members. Just a few weeks ago, ACEP announced that for 2022 our Section has been received awards for member service and our newsletter.

For their steadfast and faithful support, hard work, devotion, ideas, and endless hours of work, I owe a great deal of gratitude to Dr. Brian Springer, Dr. Keegan Bradley, Dr. Dominique Wong, Deanna Harper, and Director Rick Murray. Several other members have helped to lend a hand and stepped up to be on the C-TECC committee and work on other projects. To these fine and talented persons, I send my sincerest thank you and best wishes. In addition, a very special thanks to our section members who have stepped forward and prepared and presented outstanding educational sessions, and graciously shared their knowledge and experience. We have learned much from you.

I look forward to continuing to work alongside some really great docs and administrators, and I feel confident that the future bodes well for our section. Our next Chair, Dr. Brian Springer, is an extremely competent physician and academic attending assistant professor with many years of law enforcement experience. Along with our other leaders, our section is in very good hands.

On October 2 at the ACEP Scientific Assembly, we will vote on modifying our Section name, adding the simple but very important words:  "Law Enforcement Medicine". I have received over 30 emails from members who support this change, and none who are opposed. We hope to soon be known as the "Section of Tactical and Law Enforcement Medicine". This is a step in the right direction, reflecting our medical support of all the women and men who wear blue and of the communities they serve.

As you read this, know that we are organizing efforts to achieve formal recognition of and certification in Law Enforcement Medicine. Having recognized standards, protocols, procedures, and scope of practice makes good sense and will help our communities in many ways. We look forward to continued teamwork together with each section member.

Thank you for your tremendous support, encouragement, and teamwork. Our Section has accomplished much, and there are many more worthy and rewarding accomplishments we can achieve together.

Sincerely, with highest regards, 




John Wipfler, III, MD, FACEP, RDMS
Chair, Tactical Emergency Medicine Section, American College of Emergency Physicians

Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Illinois College of Medicine

Attending Emergency Physician, OSF Healthcare St Francis Medical Center

Medical Director, STATT Tactical Medicine Unit

Tactical Physician, Woodford, and Peoria County Sheriff's Office

Peoria, Illinois


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