June 11, 2020

What's New

Image above: During a mission deployment can be seen within the ACEP TEMS Website) More exciting pictures and additions to come.

Dr. Keegan Bradley and Dr. John Wipfler have taken the lead on the with some assistance from some of the other leadership team. They have been working for a few months on updating the Tactical Emergency Medical Section (TEMS) website adding new topic tabs, pictures, content and new information on how to get involved with the Tactical newsletter. The website continues to be improved weekly and will expand as the information is available to post. We invite all section members to explore the new website and check out all the great new additions and improvements. Be on the look-out for an up-coming area on the website of improvement which will be the “Niche groups” section of the website where ongoing respectful discussions will take place over controversial topics in the field of TEMS.

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