July 25, 2023

Letter from the Chair – Dr Springer

Changing Times in 2023
Brian L. Springer, MD, FACEP

Dear TALEM Section Members,

I sincerely hope this edition of our Section Newsletter finds you all well. It is officially summer, and warmer weather is welcome here in Ohio. Although admittedly, my near-dead lawn could use a bit more rain.

This edition of the newsletter contains some great articles that will add to your tactical knowledge database. Section leaders Jeremy Ackerman, Keegan Bradely, John Wipfler and Dominique Wong have toiled long and hard to keep you updated on the latest developments in our field.  Get ready to brush up on the benefits of suppressors (love ‘em, but BOY do they make my guns dirty), review the TALEM journal watch, and enjoy other great articles. Along with our newsletter, we continue to provide outstanding educational webinars. Our most recent have covered event medicine and officer wellness, along with a non-CME deep dive into the pursuit of the Holy Grail, a certification process for the field of Tactical and Law Enforcement Medicine. We continue to work closely with ABEM and others as we explore all options to codify the essential skills and knowledge needed for the medical care, support, and training of police and tactical medical providers.

Incredibly, by the time this goes to press, we will already be deep into planning for the ACEP Scientific Assembly. Philadelphia is a great city, and Pennsylvania is a state with some really good eats. I hope to see you all there.

On a more personal note, I recently returned from the Ohio Tactical Officers Association Training Conference in Sandusky, where I handed the reins of medical director over to Dr. Jenn DeMarco from Cleveland MetroHealth. After 10 years, it was time to turn the job over to some young blood. Given her experience as an EMS physician and multiple-deployment Army reservist, I know she is up to the task.

Sadly, our staff liaison and EMS guru ne plus ultra Rick Murray is retiring, leaving a huge hole in not only our section, but in the support of ACEP members working with public safety and prehospital care. He knew the field, knew the players, and knew how to work with the leadership up high to optimize our college’s success in engaging the troops on the ground. Rick, I wish you many lazy afternoons spent fishing, hanging out with family, and loving life.

While we will miss Rick, we are grateful to have our staff support liaison, Deanna Harper, continuing to support our needs. We know there is a learning curve for her, but we also know that she will ably guide us in our new adventures. If she doesn’t have the answer: she will find it. We look forward to carrying on with Deanna in the lead.

Much like Emergency Medicine, being a police officer is tougher than ever. Support our men and women in blue; and engage your communities to help strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the public they are sworn to serve and protect. Continue to do your great work and reach out to me with any and all suggestions to make our section better.

Best, Brian

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