June 21, 2021

Featured Training Program: Medicine in Bad Places

About us

Medicine in Bad Places was started in 2008 by SWAT Detective and Paramedic Shawn Soler, with the help of friends who wanted to help others train for scenarios that are not the normal everyday jobs we respond to. Over the last 13 years, Medicine in Bad Places has networked and collaborated with like-minded instructors from law enforcement EMS & Fire departments from around the country. All of the instructors are active law enforcement, military, or first responders, which allows them the capability to have the most current training and experience.  

In 2018, Medicine in Bad Places expanded and hosted one of the largest Tactical Medicine and First Responder conferences in the NY downstate area, which brought together all first responders to train together for today’s ever-changing world. In 2019, Medicine in Bad Places started outfitting schools and executive corporations with Bleeding Control Kits and "Stop the Bleed Training".  

We can customize a class for any organization that would like to learn prehospital medical care. We offer beginner to advanced training for all first responders.  Something new for us to offer is a civilian responder class which covers the basic steps for someone that has little to no medical training the steps to save life seconds after an event occurs.

Medicine in Bad Places like many small companies was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the national shut down we switched gears as a company to survive. We spent more time on making sure our followers had the information they needed about protective gear and kept them informed with solid medical information as it was released on our social media sites. We also started to sell more gear, our custom IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is made with the best products on the market today.  We back everything we sell with a warranty, if they use our gear, we will replace it for free. Our ethos is to make sure everyone has the ability and confidence to act when they find themselves in a life and death situation.

Medicine in Bad Places has slowly started to open up in person training again. Following the guidelines from the CDC and local government we have taken every precaution to make in person training safe and enjoyable for our students. Medicine in Bad Places can be found online at here or on Facebook and Instagram @MedicineInBadPlacesOrg

Shawn Soler, EMT-P

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