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Catch a slide show of stunning landscapes and thrilling wilderness adventures some our members embarked on this past year!

Message from the Chair – See you in Philly!

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In Case You Missed It – Palliative Care in the Wilderness

Every Skillset Can Find a Home in Wilderness Medicine

Meet the Secretary Candidates

Message from the Chair + Life Fuel

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Strategies for Treating Heat Exhaustion in Remote Ultraendurance Races

What’s Old is New Again in the Wilderness

Just checking in . . . I’m still a piece of garbage

What’s that Rustling in the Grass?

Adventure in Nepal: Team CURTAIN (Current Understanding of Relevant Trends in Altitude Illness in Nepal)

Developing a Pediatric Wilderness Medicine Simulation Curriculum

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2022 Photo Contest

Letter from the Chair: Wilderness = Wellness

Using a Wilderness Medicine Skillset in Ukraine

Escape to the Desert

When the Desert Gets Too Hot to Handle: Heat Stroke in Staged Ultramarathon Running

Roanoke Park Conservation Corps

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Photo Essay: ACEP Members Find Wellness in the Wilderness

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Section Meeting at ACEP21

Letter from the Chair

Are Ultramarathon Races More Dangerous Than We Thought?

North Cascades Adventure

Misadventures in the Mountains

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ACEP Remembers Wilderness Medicine Pioneer Dr. Paul Auerbach

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Ep. 1: Types of Endurance Events & Overview of Illness & Injury Patterns

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Letter from the Chair

Surviving 101 - My Experience at Survival School

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With Great Knowledge, Comes Great Responsibility

Collaboration Through a Wilderness Medicine Journal Club

Lessons from the Wilderness Fill the Gaps of a Pandemic Medical Education

Virtual Wilderness Medicine Education: Lessons Learned

Wilderness Medicine Section Newsroom

Wilderness Medicine Section Meetings

Wilderness Medicine Section Resources

Welcoming Diversity in Wilderness Settings

WMIG Whitewater Rafting and Water Disinfection Day Trip

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The New Wilderness Olympics

“Can I eat it?”

Letter from the Chair-Elect

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Ice Climbing – How Safe Can it Be?

Field Dispatch – The Ouray Ice Festival

20 Years of MedWAR

Letter from the Chair-Elect

Letter from the Chair

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Swiftwater Rescue: A Basic Introduction

Wilderness Medicine in Military Medical Curriculum

Lightning Injuries: An Electric Case

Bike Packing 101: The Blue Ridge Parkway

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Letter from the Chair-Elect

Letter from the Chair

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Trauma in the Wilderness

Letter from the Chair-Elect

Letter from the Chair

Ep. 7: Care of Musculoskeletal Injuries in Endurance Athletes

Ep. 2: Race Medicine in Extreme Environments

Ep. 6: Foot Care of Endurance Athletes

Ep. 3: General Preparation and Medical Kits

Ep. 4: Approach to the Altered Competitor

Ep. 5: GI Illness during Endurance Races

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