June 30, 2020

Letter from the Chair-Elect

I hope everyone is staying healthy and cautious amidst these unchartered waters of not only Covid19, but also the year 2020, that so far has shown many challenges in the past 6 months. I encourage those that can, to take as much advantage of these difficult and confusing times to get outside and enjoy the wilderness. The earth has been perhaps, more stunning than ever with less pollution during this wild time. I have seen some incredible images from around the world of Mother Earth getting to really show off Her natural beauty during the days of quarantine. “Playing outside” is not only good for cardiovascular and physical health, but it can do wonders for emotional and mental health as well. Spending time in the great outdoors can truly be a great stress relief and can serve as a “free” mental decompression activity after busy, tiring days, especially while everyone is working so hard to do their part during these difficult times.

I look forward to more collaboration within our section and I hope we continue to grow, learn, unite and inspire each other. Everyone in this section has so much to offer and I look forward to working with you all in the future. As Emily said, the wilderness has no boundaries, no limits, and welcomes everyone; something unique and beautiful to the great outdoors. Let’s take advantage of that in our section and continue to find the fun and inspiring in what we do; and motivate and lift each other up to become more successful together. I am excited for what’s to come!

Also, my dogs, Lucha and Wilder, proved to be the best quarantine buddies around. This is just in the wilderness of my backyard in Georgia, but that sunshine and blue sky counts for a lot. I challenge you to find the best and most inspiring moments no matter where you are. We may not be able to travel far and wide right now to places all around the world, but there are plenty of opportunities in your community, locally or even your backyard. Those awesome wilderness “life fuel” moments are all around us, all the time. We are lucky for that.

Stay safe everyone!

Taylor Haston, DO, FACEP, MPH, MBS, DiMM

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