August 10, 2020

2020 Photo Contest

The winning image from our 2020 Wilderness Medicine Section Photo Contest


Into the Mist and Smoke
Brian Tanksley

Gallery of Images

Catch a slide show of stunning landscapes and thrilling wilderness adventures some our members embarked on this past year! With COVID putting travel plans on hold for many, our members are getting creative, exploring their local wilderness, and living their LIFE FUEL!

Start the slideshow by clicking on any one of the images below.

"Backyard Paradise" Enjoying the sunset in my backyard in Columbus, OH during the coronavirus quarantine "Submersion Injury" During Medical College of Georgia Wilderness Medicine Day residents and students practice resuscitating a drowning victim.heic "Bald Eagle Sighting" Bald eagle sighting during a float trip on the James River, Virginia "Sked Evacuation" During Medical College of Georgia Wilderness Medicine Day residents and students practice evacuation by sked "Social Distancing" Social distancing in the wilderness during a backcountry backpacking trip in April 2020 Alpine Mount Adams, NH Dawn White Mountains, NH Fire start, Mount Adams, NH Hippos in the Victorian Nile, Uganda Muchison Falls, Uganda Learning the Ropes Shoulder Season Stille Wasser A Cave Clong Reynisfjara Beach Ceiba Pentandra Tree Mushroom on the Top of Kennebago Divide, Maine On Top of Skógafoss Vatnajökull Blue Ice Cave Campfire in the remote White Desert National Park, Egypt Pulling up to a valley of mushroom cliff formations in White Desert National Park Campfire illuminating tent, car, and large chalk rock formation at camp site in the remote White Desert National Park, Egypt Driving through the Black Desert of Egypt. A land mass covered in volcanic dolerite dating back 180 million years Laguna Churup in Huascaran National Park Peru Overlooking the Chisos Basin from the top of Casa Grande in Big Bend National Park The unending sand dunes of Huacachina Peru The view from a remote side trail near Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada Throwing a little bomb drop while sandboarding in Peru Broken barn Claude Hammock by the river Let’s do it anyway Penny All Creatures Great and Small Masks, on the other hand, are for everyone Sailor's Delight When a global pandemic cancels your adventure honeymoon, you have to improvise When Pugs Fly Winter Hike in the Whites Early Rise Mount Adams Peak to Peak, White Mountains, New Hampshire Up for Sunset White Sunrise “The outdoor classroom” - or how it was “pitched” to program leadership When COVID cancels your wedding plans, you respond by finishing a 13 hour MICU shift and getting the job done Baker and Shuksan Construction Stop at Desolation Point, WA Mora Beach, WA Oh Deer! Olympic National Park, WA Wind Rivers, WY Girls backcountry trip with the pups in Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado Ice climbing for our CME trip in Ouray Me deep water soloing in Croatia Scouting lines for our backcountry ski CME in Ophir, Colorado skinning near Red Mountain pass in Ophir Beautiful day on Snake Dike, CA Crack Climbing in Joshua Tree, CA Redwoods at sunset, Peninsula, CA Running out on the moon, Yosemite, CA Waterfall season, Yosemite, CA Dawn Rising at the Top of the Mountain Into the Mist and Smoke Quiet Sunset on Catalina Island A Family Adventure-- In one month, we hiked 12 trails and a total of 29 miles, my youngest are 3-yr old twin girls, and they walked every step Emma and Joseph at Soldier’s Beach Trail Little Rock Towers Noah, King of the Mountain Our Finish-- The Pioneer Long Trail Half Dome Overlook Morning Descent on the Appalachian Trail Navigating Duck Woods Top of Devils Marble Yard Estes Park Lake Louise Banff Chipmunk Rockies Iguana tree Puerto Vallarta Meteora Greece
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