June 22, 2020

Fellow‘s Corner

James Marvel is the outgoing wilderness medicine fellow at Stanford University.

He originally hails from the rugged mountain state of Florida, where one can enjoy unparalleled views of the Florida-Georgia border from Britton Hill, the state’s high point at 345 ft. Seeking more mountainous terrain, he moved by way of New Jersey, Thailand, Maryland, and New York to California where he completed an emergency medicine residency at LAC+USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. Since starting his fellowship at Stanford, James has engaged in projects on high altitude medicine, ultramarathon medical support, and examining the impacts of climate change on human health. He is also working toward completing his DiMM and FAWM certifications.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, James wasn’t able to deploy to Nepal for a research project he is coordinating, but has other projects in the works. James ultimately hopes to have his career focus on how climate change is impacting human health, examining ways we can prevent, prepare for, and adapt to this threat to our day-to-day lives and wilderness adventures. He is currently part of a research team examining how climate variables impact the spread of Lyme Disease in the northeastern United States, and locally he is working with Stanford Emergency Medicine residents to explore means of reducing the carbon footprint of the hospital’s emergency room. In his free time James enjoys biking, rock climbing, skiing, and spending time with his wife and cat.

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