September 29, 2023

Meet the Secretary Candidates

Marc Cassone, DO, FAWM, DiMM
Justin Gardner, DO, FAWM, DiMM
ACEP Wilderness Medicine Section
Secretary Candidates (2023-24)

Elections will be held during our annual section meeting at ACEP23 on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 4:30pm.
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Level 1, Room 119AB, Philadelphia, PA. 

Marc Cassone, DO, FAWM, DiMM


Platform Statement
I am enthusiastically tending my nomination for Secretary of the Wilderness Medicine Section. As a passionate advocate of wilderness medicine and its opportunities and challenges, I am excited to offer my services to work with the rest of the Wilderness Medicine Section Officers and Staff. I have been an active member of the section since early residency (’17) and was a Vice Chair/Co-Race Director for its sister organization, the EMRA Wilderness Division, for two years. I would look forward to using my experiences in wilderness medical writing and editing in the secretary position to solicit and publish content on topical issues for and by section members.

Short Bio
Marc Cassone is an emergency medicine physician with the University of Vermont and former outdoor guide for 10+ years. He has worked as an attending in a variety of medical contexts including the Navajo Reservation, the US Virgin Islands, Yellowstone National Park, and in Central African Republic with Médecins Sans Frontières. He is currently the Senior Editor of Wilderness Medicine Magazine and a Peer Review Award winner for the Journal of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine. He is also especially proud of being an honorable mention in the 2022 Wilderness Section Photo contest!

Justin Gardne


Platform Statement
I am excited to express my interest in the role of Secretary for the ACEP Wilderness Medicine Section. With a deep-rooted passion for wilderness medicine and a commitment to advancing education in this field, I believe I can contribute significantly to the Section's mission.

I completed a wilderness medicine fellowship with Virginia Tech Carilion, and I am currently faculty with the fellowship program and a clinical preceptor with the VTC School of Medicine. As the Chair of the Wilderness Medical Society’s Student/Resident Education Committee, I have demonstrated a deep commitment to advancing wilderness medical education. This role has provided me with a unique perspective on the educational needs of aspiring wilderness medicine providers. I am passionate about improving access to educational opportunities for students and residents, and equally dedicated to elevating the quality of wilderness medical education.

In 2020, during the height of COVID, I recognized the need for a platform for academic discourse in Wilderness Medicine during lockdown. I founded a monthly Virtual Wilderness Medicine Journal Club series geared primarily towards students and residents. I have led this program for three years, and it has become not only a platform to learn the intricacies of wilderness medicine, but also a means to master the essential skills of critically analyzing research articles and integrating this knowledge into their professional careers. I have consistently been in contact with volunteer presenters as well as topic experts to operate this program. This experience will have prepared me well to solicit content for the section’s website and newsletter.

I am devoted to expanding access to wilderness and environmental medical training for all medical professionals. This knowledge is essential, yet often underrepresented in traditional training programs. By advocating for broader access, we can better equip healthcare professionals to address the unique challenges posed by wilderness and environmental scenarios. I am also eager to improve access to networking and mentorship within the wilderness medicine community.

I am enthusiastic about the possibility of serving as Secretary of the ACEP Wilderness Medicine Section, as it aligns closely with my passions and expertise in wilderness medicine. I have cultivated leadership, teaching, and organizational skills that will serve well in this role. I am eager to collaborate with the Section to ensure that education and resources are readily available to all who seek to excel in this unique field. Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the ACEP Wilderness Medicine Section's continued success.

Short Bio
Justin completed an Emergency Medicine residency at Henry Ford Macomb hospital in Clinton Township, MI in 2020, followed by a Wilderness Medicine Fellowship with Virginia Tech Carilion Clinic in 2021. He is now faculty with the VTC Carilion Wilderness Medicine Fellowship and Clinical Preceptor with VTCSOM. Justin is an AWLS, WFA, and ACA River Safety and Rescue instructor and SSI Master Diver. Justin has completed his FAWM and DiMM, and is currently pursuing his DiDMM. He is the current chair of the WMS Student/Resident Education Committee and is the founder and leader of the monthly online VTC wilderness medicine journal club series. Justin is particularly interested in medical education, dive and marine medicine, and environmental medicine. Justin enjoys mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, camping, snowboarding, and adventuring with his wife, newborn daughter, and dogs.

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