October 4, 2023

Fellows Corner

Meet these two GME Wilderness Medicine Fellows, both at University of Vermont!

Dr. Sameer Sethi is an Emergency Medicine attending physician and current Wilderness Medicine fellow at the University of Vermont. After completing medical school at St. George’s University, he completed his Emergency Medicine residency at Kent Hospital in Rhode Island. He quickly fell in love with the landscape of New England, spending his free time in the mountains of northern New England. Within Wilderness Medicine, he is passionate about both the highs (high altitude) and lows (dive medicine), so to speak. He is an advanced open water scuba diver with plans to become a dive master and volunteer with Colchester Technical Rescue in Vermont. He has plans to climb Pico de Orizaba in Mexico, and Mount Aconcagua in Argentina during his fellowship year to gain high altitude experience. Dr. Sethi also enjoys teaching and plans to remain involved in teaching both medical students and residents throughout his career. Vermont has provided the perfect environment for local involvement with rescue teams and teaching at a university hospital, as well as incredible support for completing the DiMM and traveling abroad for international pursuits. 

Dr Sethi.jpgDr. Sethi matching his gloves with the color of the ice.


Dr. Andrew Park is an Emergency Medicine attending physician and fellow in the Wilderness Medicine Fellowship at UVMMC. He is a medical director for the Mark Twain National Forest and has worked in the past as an airway management physician for the NFL, and event medicine physician for NFL games and NASCAR races. Andrew received his MPH from Boston University with a focus in international health, his DO from Kansas City University and residency in emergency medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital in Bronx, NY. He is a fellow of the WMS and last year completed his DiMM. Andrew’s personal interests are expedition medicine, SAR and the intersection of environmental health and health of the public. "I chose wilderness medicine in Vermont to work with Dr. Sarah Schlein because of her ability to provide a wide array of opportunities with a focus on hands-on, outdoor learning. The proximity to wilderness areas as learning environments in Vermont was also a major factor. Some of the unique opportunities at UVM are the JIRP expedition medicine experience, the ability to be an active participant in local search and rescue teams, and working at local ski clinics."

Dr Park.jpgDr. Park enjoying his pack as an insulating layer


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