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Congress Introduces ACEP-Developed Due Process Legislation

ACEP helped develop this bill that would require HHS to issue regulations ensuring that any physician granted medical staff privileges at a hospital has a fair hearing and appellate review through app...

Use Your Voice

Update on Invited Speaker Who Proposed Controversial Anti-DEI Legislation

Join Us at LAC

ACEP and AHA Host Congressional Briefing on ED Violence

“Eggs Over (Not) Easy”: My Last Regs and Eggs at ACEP

ACEP’s Members Advocate for You!: Just Ask Dr. Jordan Celeste

CMS Proposes Major Reforms to Medicaid: But A Missed Opportunity for Emergency Medicine

You Can Now Register for the Emergency Medicine MIPS Value Pathways (MVP): Here’s How

Unwinding: Threats and Opportunities as Medicaid Transitions to a New Normal

CMS Finalizes Policies to Crack Down on Medicare Advantage Health Plans

ACEP Responds to DEA Proposed Rule on Prescribing Buprenorphine via Telemedicine

SAMHSA and the DEA Release Guidance Regarding New Educational Requirements around the Treatment of Substance Use Disorder

ACEP Responds to a Congressional RFI on the Workforce

The X-Waiver is Gone… But There is a Lot More Work to do to Increase Access to Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

President Biden Releases the Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Budget: What’s in it, and What Happens Now?

Advocacy at ACEP: Fighting for Emergency Medicine

ACEP Responds to FTC’s Proposed Rule to Ban the Use of Non-Compete Contracts

The DEA Narrowly Extends COVID-19 Telehealth Flexibilities for Prescribing Controlled Substances

ACEP Responds to Medicare Advantage Proposed Regulations as CMS Attempts to Rein in Some Bad Health Plan Behavior

SPECIAL BLOG SERIES: Innovative Telehealth Models are Alive and Well in Emergency Medicine

ACEP Court Room Advocacy: No Surprises Act Update

The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency is Coming to an End on May 11: Implications for Emergency Physicians and Your Patients

ACEP and EDPMA Submit Letter to Federal Agencies with Key Recommendations on How to Improve the Implementation of the No Surprises Act

A Game-Changer?: The FTC Proposes to Ban Non-Compete Clauses in All Employment Contracts

Sign-on Letter Opportunity: Letter to CMS on Extending Certain Codes on Medicare Telehealth List Through 2024

The Year Ahead: Five Regulatory Areas to Monitor Over the Course of 2023

The Congressional Year in Review: The Highs, the Lows, and Some Hard-Fought ACEP Victories

SAMHSA Reduces Barriers around the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder, But More Action is Needed!

CMS Proposes to Streamline the Prior Authorization Process: Potential Effects on You and Your Patients

Aligning 42 CFR Part 2 with HIPAA: A Work in Progress

SPECIAL BLOG SERIES: A “How-to” on Integrating Value-based Care Models into Existing Contracts

Exploring What’s New in MIPS in 2023: The MVP Reporting Option

CMS Finalizes Requirements for Rural Emergency Hospitals: Will any Hospitals Convert to this New Facility-type Next Year?

Update on the ED Boarding Crisis: ACEP and 34 Other Organizations Send Letter to President Biden Calling for a Summit

SPECIAL EDITION: The 2023 Physician Fee Schedule Final Reg-- Highlights and Analysis

Preview: Major Medicare Annual Final Regs Will be Released Next Week

Winter is Coming… Preparing for the Surge of COVID and Other Respiratory Diseases Later this Year

Major Documentation Changes are Coming in 2023—Got Questions? ACEP’s Got Answers

HHS Releases Mental Health Roadmap; ACEP is Working on Our Own

ACEP Professional Advocacy

Another Week, Another ACEP Response: ACEP Responds to Medicare Outpatient Hospital Regulation

ACEP Responds to Major Annual Medicare Proposed Regulation Impacting Physician Payments

ACEP Responds to Proposed Reg on Rural Emergency Hospital Conditions of Participation

Special Edition: The Wait is Over—The No Surprises Act Final Reg is Out!

ACEP Helps Lead the Way on Response to Monkeypox

Stopping Insurer Bad Behavior

HHS Issues Regulation Regarding Non-Discrimination in Health Care

SPECIAL BLOG SERIES: Advancing Value-based Care in Emergency Medicine

The 411 on 988: The New Crisis Hotline Becomes Available this Saturday!

Special Edition: CMS Issues the 2023 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Reg

CMS Releases First Summer Reg: Rural Emergency Hospital Conditions of Participation

Compliance Updates for Emergency Physicians

Emergency Reproductive Health

Special Edition: EMTALA Requirements Remain Fully in Effect in the Post Roe v. Wade World

ACEP and EDPMA Request Additional Guidance from Federal Agencies on No Surprises Act Implementation

Fighting for Physician-led Care

Preview of Major Medicare Regs Coming this Summer

Medicare Trustees Express Concern about Insufficient Physician Payments… Again

Ongoing Issues and Advocacy around the No Surprises Act IDR Process

Surgeon General Issues Advisory Addressing Health Worker Burnout: Gamechanger?

NEW BLOG SERIES: Value based Care in Emergency Medicine-- an Overview

CMS Finalizes New Network Adequacy Requirements for Certain Private Health Plans

No Alternative Payment Model for Emergency Physicians and other Specialists…The AMA Has a Proposed Solution

Live Blog from LAC22

Day 2: Live Updates from LAC22

Day 1: Live Updates from the 2022 ACEP Leadership & Advocacy Conference

ACEP’s Leadership and Advocacy Conference is Next Week! Find Out What’s on Tap!

ACEP Responds to FTC and DOJ Request for Information on Mergers and Acquisitions in Health Care

Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act

No Surprises Act Updates Related to the “Disputed” Independent Dispute Resolution Process

Advocacy Win: Deductibles Added to Insurance Cards

Important Update on the “Three-Day” Rule for Administering Medications to Treat Opioid Use Disorder

Biden Administration Releases Fiscal Year 2023 Budget: Highlights and Missed Opportunities

Meaningful Medicare Physician Payment Reform: Is this the year?

Your Advocacy at Work: President Biden Signs Dr. Lorna Breen Bill

Unwinding from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Implications for Emergency Physicians and Patients

OSHA is Continuing to Make COVID-19 Safety Its Top Priority: At What Cost?

The Flawed Independent Dispute Resolution Process Has Been Fixed… For Now

February 2022 Board Blog - Legislative Wins, Updates on Task Forces, and More

ACEP Provides Feedback on New Emergency Medicine Cost Measure

CDC Releases Long-Awaited Revised Opioid Prescribing Guideline: Open for Public Comment

The Flip Side of the Coin: A Look at the Increase in Health Insurer Consolidation

Update on ACEP Actions to Address Physician Mental Health Needs and Wellbeing

Recent Federal Efforts to Address Provider Consolidation

ACEP Launches Website Highlighting Major No Surprises Act Requirements for Emergency Physicians

The No Surprises Act

CMS Proposes Changes to Network Adequacy Requirements for Private Health Plans

A New Year: Looking Ahead at the Major Regulatory Issues Facing Emergency Physicians in 2022

January 2022 Board Blog - Future Plans, Challenging an Unbalanced Law, and More

A Request: Please Participate in the Development and Testing of the First Emergency Medicine-Specific Cost Measure

Special Edition: Congress Averts Majority of Medicare Payment Reductions, But We are not Out of the Woods Yet

ACEP and EDPMA Officially Respond to the Extremely Flawed Second Interim Final Regulation Implementing the No Surprises Act

CMS Innovation Center’s Vision for the Future: How Does ACEP’s Awesome “AUCM” Model Fit in?

Status Update: ACEP Actions to Push Back Against Flawed No Surprises Act Regulation

Breaking Down the Biden Administration’s New Vaccine Mandates: How Do they Impact you?

The 2022 Physician Fee Schedule Final Reg: Some Highlights and Perspective

Looming Medicare Payment Cuts: Will Congress come to the rescue again?

Update on the Provider Relief Fund: Resources Still Available to Cover COVID-19 Increased Expenses and Lost Revenues

Breaking Down the Concerning and Flawed Second Interim Final Reg Implementing the No Surprises Act

The Office of the National Coordinator Provides Important Clarifications on Data Sharing Requirements

ACEP Responds to Request for Information on Rural Emergency Hospitals

ACEP Responds to Major Medicare Regulation Impacting Physician Payments

Medicare Trustees Release Annual Report: What’s In it and How it Impacts You

ACEP and EDPMA Officially Respond to the First Interim Final Regulation Implementing the No Surprises Act

Emergency Department “Boarding” At Seemingly All-Time High Levels

CMS Outlines its Vision for Innovation: How Does Emergency Medicine Fit in?

Federal Government Affairs Committee

CMS Releases 2022 Medicare Outpatient Hospital Payments: Requests Comment on Rural Emergency Hospitals

Another Major Regulation Released: CMS Issues the 2022 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Reg

The Biden Administration Issues First Regulation Implementing the No Surprises Act: Highlights and Some Perspective

ACEP Responds to Major Medicare Hospital Payment Regulation

MedPAC Issues Another Annual Report to Congress: Includes Insights on Private Equity, Alternative Payment Models, and Rural Health

OSHA Releases Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID-19—What Does it Mean for You?

Aggressive Advocacy Results in Reversal of UnitedHealthcare Policy that Would Allow Retroactive Coverage Denials for Non-Emergent Cases

Recent Opportunities to Highlight ACEP’s “Awesome” AUCM Model

Biden Administration Releases Entire Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 President’s Budget

Data Sharing Poll Results are in: Lots of Room for Improvement in Existing Information Blocking Regs

CMS Releases Medicaid Utilization Data from the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

ACEP Responds to Regulation that Proposes Modifications to HIPAA

CMS Releases Major Proposed Reg Impacting Medicare Payments for Hospitals

Biden Administration Finalizes Buprenorphine Practice Guidelines: A Step in the Right Direction

Emergency Department Visits Still Down Compared to Pre-Pandemic Levels

President Biden Releases Initial Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Proposal: Will Congress listen?

Biden Administration Releases Drug Policy Priorities: What’s the Potential Impact on Emergency Care?

Important SMB Status Update: Key Recommendations Sent to Federal Agencies Implementing the No Surprises Act

Get Ready! New Data Sharing Requirements Coming into Effect in Early April

MedPAC Issues Annual Report on Medicare Payment Policy: Any Good Recommendations?

The Implementation of the “No Surprises Act”: On your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Exciting Developments in the Effort to Address Workplace Violence in the Emergency Department

Paving the Way toward Value-Based Care: ACEP Submits an MIPS Value Pathway (MVP) Proposal to CMS

Federal Financial Support for COVID-Related Losses are Still Available—Find Out More About Your Options!

The New Medicare Add-on Code for Medication-Assisted Treatment in the Emergency Department—Got Questions? ACEP’s Got Answers

Breaking Down President Biden’s Executive Order on Strengthening Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act

X-ing the X-Waiver: The Fight Continues!

At the Buzzer! CMS’ Last Minute Regulatory Actions

Upcoming ACEP Webinar: Learn More About Upcoming Changes to the “Three-day Rule” for Administering Medications to Treat Opioid Use Disorder

Major Crisis Averted (for Now): Rather than Medicare Payment Reductions, a Raise May be Coming Your Way In 2021

COVID-19 Telehealth Flexibilities: What Remains and Disappears Once the Public Health Emergency Ends

ACEP Responds to Long-awaited DEA Regulation on EMS Controlled Substances Policies

The 2021 Physician Fee Schedule Final Reg: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Holiday Gift-giving Season (of Regulations) is Here!

HHS Issues Regulations and Guidance on COVID-19 Therapeutics and Vaccines

CMS Finalizes Health Plan Price Transparency Reg

ACEP Releases Poll on Emergency Physicians’ Mental Health

CMS Strictly Enforces New COVID-19 Reporting Requirements for Hospitals

Upcoming Medicare Requirement Around Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances

ACEP Responds to a Major Proposed Reg: 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

Digging through President Trump’s Health Care Plan: What’s Old and What’s New

Value-based Care: An Example of How the Affordable Care Act Has Impacted Health Care

President Trump Issues Yet Another Executive Order on Drug Prices

CMS Establishes New Hospital Reimbursement Policies and Requirements

Advocating for Reforms to the COVID-19 Provider Relief Fund and Uninsured Program

Trump Administration Continues to Chip Away at Affordable Care Act Requirements

Increasing Access to Naloxone

Regs & Eggs

President Trump’s Executive Order on Rural Health and Telehealth: Impact on Emergency Medicine

Jeffrey Davis

It’s Here: The 2021 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule Has Been Released!

Image Gallery: ACEP Members Host ED Tours for Legislators

President Trump Issues Executive Orders on Drug Prices

Capital (30) Minutes

Concerns and Skepticism about HHS’ Transition to New Hospital Data Collection System

HHS Finalizes Regulations on Substance Use Disorder Patients’ Confidentiality

An Update on ACEP’s COVID-19 Advocacy Strategy

Medicare Payment Waivers: How Long will They Last?

ACEP’s Alternative Payment Model Strategic Initiative: An Update and Next Steps

Addressing Violence in the Emergency Department—Yes, It’s Still a Priority

HHS Announces Additional Distributions of Provider Relief Funding…But None for Emergency Physicians

Advocating for You and Your Health

Summertime is Approaching…Which Means Reg Season is Coming Soon!

Ongoing Efforts to Reduce Barriers to Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

911 Network Members of the Year

Medicare Telehealth Flexibilities…Are They Here to Stay?

Another Week… Which Means More COVID-19 Reg Changes

Don’t Blink! Changes to Financial Support Options Happening Non-stop!

You Received Financial Relief. Should You Keep it?

Health Care Providers Receive Financial Relief…with Strings Attached

ACEP Pushes for More Financial Support for Emergency Physicians

Federal Advocacy: Securing the Health Care Workforce

Federal Advocacy: Protecting Access for Patients

Federal Advocacy: Ensuring Adequate Resource Allocation

ACEP Regulatory Victories

ACEP’s Telehealth Advocacy During COVID-19 Pandemic

ACEP Asks Congress to Support Emergency Physicians in COVID-19 Stimulus Package

Proud to Represent You

HHS Releases Long-Awaited HIT Regs

ACEP Releases its National Strategic Plan for ED Management of COVID-19 Outbreaks

Reducing your EHR Burden

An Awesome Update on the AUCM Model

More Thorns than Petals in the President’s FY 2021 Budget

Big Changes are Coming to Medicaid: What these "Block Grants" Could Mean for You

Addressing Opioid Stigma in the Emergency Department

Potential Changes to Non-Physician Supervision and Reimbursement Policies Coming to Medicare

ACEP 911 Network Weekly Update

ACEP 911 Legislative Grassroots Network

Advocating for Emergency Telehealth Reimbursement

MIPS Updates for the New Year

Reflections on 2019: A year full of regulatory victories

New Guidelines Coming for Prescribing Opioids to Treat Acute Pain