ACEP Professional Advocacy

Empowering You to Advocate for Yourself

ACEP’s advocacy on behalf of emergency physicians isn’t just in Washington, DC or state legislatures—it also extends to your workplace, where we fight for change to improve your everyday environment and your professional livelihood. The resources below provide tools that empower you to advocate effectively for yourself and join ACEP in this fight for a better workplace. 

How Safe is Your Workplace?

This sample checklist provides items, controls, and protocols that emergency physicians can ask their workplace about to understand what safety and violence prevention measures are in place. It draws from existing ACEP policy and new requirements from The Joint Commission on measures hospitals must have in place. 

Learn more about what your hospital is required to do to help protect you. 


Medicare Billing Transparency Rights

ACEP supports your right to have access to Medicare billings made in your name utilizing your individual NPI and/or group TIN, and federal law exists that supports this right in many situations. Click for a simple primer organized by employment types or payment arrangements that can help empower you in securing such access.

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Eating and Drinking in the Emergency Department

Caring about our members’ well-being, ACEP worked with The Joint Commission to clarify that emergency staff can eat at an ED work station during their shifts. Click for a useful resource to help educate your hospital leaders about this important issue.

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AUC Requirement for Ordering Advanced Imaging in the ED

Hospitals are implementing a requirement to consult Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) through approved clinical decision support mechanisms prior to ordering advanced imaging services. As a result of ACEP's advocacy, CMS clarified that exemptions apply even if an emergency medical condition is only suspected. However, many hospitals may not know about the exemption, so ACEP has created a sample letter which you can personalize and send to your hospital administrator. 


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