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Winter Newsletter

2024 is shaping up to be a very important year for the field of Disaster Medicine.

Reflections on the Response to a Resident Physician Strike in New York City (NYC)

Hospital Disaster Physician Privileging

Prehospital Hemorrhage Control and Treatment by Clinicians: A Joint Position Statement

Active Shooter Disasters in the Hospital: An Expert’s View

Categorizing Technologies for Use During Health Emergencies and Disasters

Tele-Disaster Medicine: A Conversation with Dr. Jarone Lee

Issues Identified by an Immediate Frontline Assessment Team for the 2023 Türkiye Earthquake

Controlled Chaos to Uncontrolled Chaos – Tornado Fallout

Aid for Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Ukraine Trauma Care Training

Strengthening Trauma Care Capacity with Remote Training in Ukraine

Earthquake Resources

Supply Chain Challenges, Coordination, and the DASH Tool

Disaster Response to Mendon, Missouri Train Derailment

Reflections of 9/11

Intersection of CSC and Load Balancing in Washington State

International Relief Forum Access

Global Conflict Resources

The Care of Patients Under Crisis Standards of Care

Role of Emergency Physicians in Disaster Preparedness and Response (Impact of COVID Pandemic)

Emergency Physician Involvement, Utilization, and Compensation During a Pandemic

Letter from the 2019-2021 Chair

Advances in Response to Collapse Disasters

COVID-19 Long-haulers Syndrome in Healthcare Workers?

Disaster, Covid-19, and Resources

Disaster Perspective on Pediatric EM and COVID-19

When Buildings Collapse

Nuclear & Radiation Events

Pediatric Disasters

Planetary Protection Contingency Support

Ethics in Disasters

Community Response to Disasters

Niche Groups

Disaster Medicine Fellowships and Other Training Programs

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High-Threat Event Casualty Care

Copyright Assignment Agreement: Submission Guidelines

Collaboration Yields Rewards in Responding to the COVID-19 Disaster

Hurricane Isaias and COVID19 - A Perfect Storm

Team Rubicon: Navajo Nation COVID-19 Medical Response

Letter from the Chair

Preparing for the Next Pandemic – A Playbook

Disaster Medical Sciences Award - Irving “Jake” Jacoby, MD, FACEP

Disaster Medical Sciences Award – Joseph A. Barbera, MD

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Salute to the Warriors on the Front Line

Letter from the Chair

Saudi Arabia, Transformations and Disaster Medicine

An EF-3 Tornado Directly Impacts a Rural Community

The Game Plan


Letter from the Chair

EMS / Disaster Organizations - COVID-19 Resources

Exercising the First Year Efforts of a Regional Disaster Health System Pilot Grant

An Ethical Basis for Building Resilience by Education and Communication in a Catastrophic Biologic Event

Disaster and Preparedness Response Committee 2018-2019 Chair

Use of Drones in Disaster Medicine

Hospital Evacuation in the Rural Setting

The Long Road Ahead: Past Experience, Present Planning, and Future Considerations

Disaster Task Force Update

Active Shooter Resources

2024 Disaster Medical Sciences Award Nomination Form

Military Considerations in Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Unsolicited Medical Personnel Volunteering at Disaster Scenes

Hurricane Season Resources

Maui Wildfires

Hurricane Season Resources

California Wildfires

Tornado and Flood Resources

Impact of Climate Change on Public Health and Implications for Emergency Medicine

Disaster Medical Sciences Award

Health Care System Surge Capacity Recognition, Preparedness, and Response

Disaster Data Collection

Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines for Health Care Facility Staff

Disaster Planning and Response

Support for National Disaster Medical System and Other Response Teams

Disaster Medical Response

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