Active Shooter Resources

ACEP has gathered some resources to help the emergency physicians' response following a mass casualty event or active shooter incident in their community. Resources for a safer workplace, including responses specific for when an active shooter is present in the ED, can be found at this link.

ACEP Resources

Surge Capacity Challenges and Proposed Solutions

Developed for terrorist bombings but many of the same patient surge action items apply to active shooters

Medical Response to the Active Shooter Disaster: Are You Ready?

From ACEP's Disaster Medicine Section

Lessons Learned from a Family’s Experience with the Active Shooter Disaster

From ACEP's Disaster Medicine Section

Disaster Readiness Podcast

Frontline podcast host Dr. Ryan Stanton had a conversation with ACEP member and NAEMS past president Brent Myers about disaster readiness

ACEP Policy on Firearm Safety and Injury Prevention

Learn which legislative, regulatory and public health efforts related to firearm injury are supported by ACEP

Until Help Arrives

Scheduled to launch at ACEP19, Until Help Arrives is a first responder training course taught by EM physicians focused on controlling severe bleeding and hands-only CPR


National Resources

Planning Kit for Active Shooter Incidents

California Hospital Assocation

MedCon: Pre-Event Tool


Active Shooter Response in a Healthcare Setting


Standard for Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events (ASHER) Program

Hartford Consensus Document

From a joint committee to create a national policy to enhance survivability from mass casualty shooting events
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