Disaster Medicine Section

Disaster Medicine

To provide a forum in which members of the College with special interest and/or expertise in the medical and non-medical management of disasters, mass casualty incidents, and mass gathering events can develop a knowledge base, share information, receive and give counsel and serve as a resource to the ACEP Board of Directors, the College membership, external organizations and agencies as well as others. To provide and promote the expertise of Section members in Disaster Medicine.

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March 7, 2023

Aid for Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

We have been watching with great sorrow the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Many of you may be looking for ways to aid in the humanitarian response, so we would like to provide some g...

March 3, 2023

Ukraine Trauma Care Training

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Surging numbers of trauma patients have strained Ukraine’s emergency care system – a system already under duress after eight yea...

March 3, 2023

Strengthening Trauma Care Capacity with Remote Training in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has caused a profound humanitarian crisis with trauma patients exceeding the nation’s healthcare capacity.

National Disaster Life Support Foundation, Inc.

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Start a "Stop the Bleed" program

The "Stop the Bleed" campaign is designed to provide civilians with the knowledge and tools to help control severe bleeding. Start a "Stop the Bleed" program in your local community.  View the Stop The Bleed Campaign Video here.

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