Moderate Sedation FAQ

Does CPT still use the term Conscious Sedation? Starting with the release of the 2006 book the American Medical Association (AMA) CPT manual has further defined the concept of Conscious Sedation whic...

Emergency Physician Involvement, Utilization, and Compensation During a Pandemic

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Services Denied Based on ICD-10 Codes Sample Letter

The Impact of Unreimbursed Care on the Emergency Physician

CMS (then HCFA) memo regarding X-Ray/EKG Interpretations in the ED

Lack of Recognition of CPT Modifier 25 Sample Letter

Sample Appeal Letter for Bundling CPR (CPT code 92950) with ED E&M Services (CPT codes 99281 - 99285)

Sample Letter for Non-Medicare X-Ray-ECG Interpretation Bundled into Evaluation and Management Code

Reimbursement: Compliance

Reimbursement: Diagnostic Interpretations

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Evaluation and Management Documentation Requirements – CMS vs. CPT

Medicare Carriers Manual Part 3 - Claims Process Transmittal No. 1566

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