ACEP Information Packet

For more information on this packet which is not available via the internet contact ACEP's Reimbursement staff at 1-800-798-1822 ext. 3232 or via email.

  1. Reimbursement and Coding Information
    1. X-ray/EKG Frequently Asked Questions, Reviewed January 2008
    2. Final Rule from HCFA on X-ray and EKG Interpretations Information Paper

  2. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS, formerly HCFA)
    1. Medicare Carriers Manual, Part 3, Claims Process, May 1997 with Revisions of Implementing Instructions (Still relevant)
    2. HCFA Final Rule on X-Ray/EKG Interpretations, as reported in the Federal Register

  3. ACEP Policy Statements and Related Information
    1. Legal Opinion from Foley and Lardner for ACEP, Medicare Reimbursement Rules for Professional Interpretation of X-ray and EKG Services
    2. Interpretation of Imaging Diagnostic Studies, ACEP Policy Statement

  4. Background Material
    1. DHHS, OIG report, Medicare's Reimbursement for Interpretations of Hospital Emergency Room X-rays, July 1993 - has not been updated by the OIG
    2. November 1, 1996 memo from DHHS, Deputy IG for Evaluation and Inspections to Associate Administrator for Policy, HCFA on Draft Carrier Instructions on Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests
    3. Changes in the Medicare Bulletin 98-1, p. 33
    4. Radiologists' Review of Radiographs Interpreted Confidently by Emergency Physicians Infrequently Leads to Changes in Patient Management, Ann Emerg Med February 1998
    5. Radiology Report Disclaimer
    6. American College of Radiology Standard for Communication: Diagnostic Radiology
    7. American College of Radiology Standard for Radiologist Coverage of Imaging Performed in Hospital EDs
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