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Overdose Prevention Centers

Overdose Prevention Centers - policy statement

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Help with Monkeypox Visualization

Work Requirements for Medicaid Beneficiaries

Social Determinants of Health Part 1

ACEP President Comments on Recent Shootings, ACEP's Firearm Violence Policy

Expedited Partner Therapy for Selected Sexually Transmitted Infections

2024 Public Health Trailblazer Award Form

Role of Emergency Physicians in Disaster Preparedness and Response (Impact of COVID Pandemic)

Travel Screening of Pediatric Patients for International Travel, High Risk Areas, and Isolation

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National Pandemic Readiness: Ethical Issues

Screening for Disease and Risk Factors in the Emergency Department

Preparing for the Next Pandemic – A Playbook

HHS Announces Additional $20 Billion Distribution from the Provider Relief Fund

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Medical Neutrality

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Treatment of Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Self


Incarcerated Population

ACEP-AAEM Joint Statement on Physician Misinformation

COVID-19 Health Disparities: New Patient Education Resource to Empower Community Leaders

Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Health Care Personnel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Populations at Risk

Return-to-Work Criteria

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State Emergency Declarations

COVID-19 Surveillance Program Designed to Intervene Before Transmission to Health Care Workers

WHO Labels COVID-19 Pandemic

WHO Classifies COVID-19 as Pandemic

Use of Antitussive Medications in the Pediatric Population

Separation of Children from Family/Guardians

Reporting of Vaccine-Related Adverse Events

Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicles

Advocating for CPR Training in Schools

Impact of Climate Change on Public Health and Implications for Emergency Medicine

Prescription Drug Pricing

Public Health and Injury Prevention Resources

Public Health

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Programs and Facilities

Good Samaritan Protection

Emergency Medicine's Role in Organ and Tissue Donation

Delivery of Care to Undocumented Persons

Protection from Violence and the Threat of Violence in the Emergency Department

Human Trafficking

Drug Take Back Programs

Universal Bicycle Helmet Use

Physician Reporting of Potentially Impaired Drivers

Addressing Nicotine Use

Trauma Care Systems

Prior Authorization

External Cause of Morbidity Codes and Injury Surveillance Data Systems

Emergency Department Utilization During Respiratory Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Domestic Family Violence

Universal Health Care Coverage

Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines for Health Care Facility Staff

Social Services and Care Coordination in the Emergency Department

Violence-Free Society

Immunization of Adults and Children in the Emergency Department

Definition of an Emergency Service

Management of the Patient with the Complaint of Sexual Assault

Worldwide Nuclear Disarmament

Firearm Safety and Injury Prevention