March 17, 2020

State Emergency Declarations

Nearly all states have issued some sort of emergency declaration related to COVID-19. Some of these declarations have included emergency provisions allowing for temporary or expedited licensure of physicians licensed by another state. Most recent reviews show the following states have provided for this:

New Mexico
North Carolina

Those listed are states where we found clear declarations in executive orders. There may be others that have been handled indirectly; the situation is fluid. ACEP has reached out to the Federation of State Medical Boards and we are urging more states to do this.

If your state is not on the above list, coordinate with your chapter leadership regarding reaching out to appropriate state officials about allowing for temporary licensure of physicians appropriately licensed by other states as a prudent step to increase access to emergency care.

The correct person to contact where this could be handled in each state is going to differ, but we recommend reaching out to your state's: 1) Chief Medical Officer; 2) Department of Health; or 3) Medical Board. Try to work with your chapter leadership so that the messaging is coordinated and appropriately scaled.

This morning, ACEP’s state legislative team helped a member navigate the temporary process in Georgia. He emailed the contact and was told that they should have his application – which is very simple –approved within 24 hours.

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