Universal Bicycle Helmet Use

Reaffirmed February 2023, January 2017, April 2011, and September 2005

Originally approved June 1999


The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) recommends that:

  • All bicyclists wear a properly fitted Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)-approved bicycle helmet.
  • Emergency physicians inform patients and parents of the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet and the dangers of riding without a helmet.
  • Retail and rental bicycle outlets have available low-cost CPSC-approved helmets for bicyclists.
  • Helmet manufacturers provide educational materials that emphasize the advantages of protective headgear.
  • State and local governments enact legislation requiring universal helmet use.
  • Community coalitions be developed to promote bicycle safety training, including helmet use.
  • The popular media depict helmet use among all bicyclists.

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