Delivery of Care to Undocumented Persons

Revised June 2018

Reaffirmed February 2018, April 2012, October 2006, July 2000

Originally approved January 1995


The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) opposes federal and state initiatives which require physicians and health care facilities to refuse care to undocumented persons or to report suspected undocumented persons to immigration authorities. Emergency providers are required by federal law (EMTALA) to provide stabilization to all persons who present to them. Based on our moral and legal obligations, we do not discriminate against any patient based on race, gender, national identity or ability to pay. ACEP opposes actions that might dissuade any ill or injured patient from seeking care, including fear of intervention by immigration authorities. As such, ACEP supports all emergency departments and emergency providers in not inquiring about or reporting immigration status unless specifically relevant. Patients in need should be assured that emergency departments are safe zones for all.

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