Addressing Nicotine Use

Revised April 2022 with current title, October 2016 titled "Tobacco and Nicotine Products - Public Policy Measures," January 2010 titled "Tobacco Products - Public Policy Measures"

Reaffirmed February 2003, October 1998

Originated as Council Resolution CR037 titled "Smoking - Public Policy Measures"


The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) supports:

  • Food and Drug Administration regulation of nicotine-containing products and nicotine delivery systems;
  • adequate state and federal funding of nicotine control initiatives;
  • regulation of nicotine product sale and advertising- especially products and advertisements containing flavoring agents or targeted at minors;
  • continued enhancement of graphic warnings and package inserts on all such products originating from or sold in the United States to include factual statements regarding the known harms of nicotine use;
  • public education on the health risks of nicotine use, second-hand smoke and vapor exposure;
  • referral of nicotine-dependent individuals to affordable resources to assist them in reducing or eliminating nicotine use;
  • public and private employer-based incentives and cessation programs for tobacco cessation;
  • legislation to decrease nicotine exposure to children and adolescents;
  • the prohibition of smoking and vapor producing nicotine delivery systems in public settings;
  • increased taxes on nicotine related products, with the revenue generated used to fund prevention/cessation research and provide evidence-based interventions;
  • the aggressive referral of nicotine users to effective cessation methods and services; and
  • the cessation of all nicotine use as the ultimate goal of cessation programs.

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