Stronger Together | 2022 Annual Report


You are our first priority.
When you're supported, our specialty thrives. 

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The HeART of Emergency Medicine

For the past two years, ACEP members have inspired us with their submissions to the annual HeART of Emergency Medicine virtual art galleries. Your work is a window into your unique perspective and emotions, and it’s an honor to bear witness to it.

Member art is on display throughout out 2021 Annual Report. The art represents ACEP: A collection of strong individual pieces that creates an even bigger impact as a group.

2021 Art gallery 2020 Art Gallery

Rising to the Challenge

When it comes to the issues important to our specialty, your ACEP membership helps you can join forces with other ACEP members to make a difference.

The widespread impact of our COVID-19 Field Guide, authored by more than 100 ACEP members, is a testament to what we can do when we work together.

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Pushing for Progress

If there is one thing that comes naturally for emergency physicians, it’s troubleshooting. ACEP is a place where you can put your MacGuyver skills to use and leave a lasting impact for future EM physicians. Which problem-solving pathway is right for you?

ACEP Council

State & Federal Advocacy

Sections & Committees


Progress Reports

ACEP is committed to tackling our specialty's challenges head-on. These progress reports show where we stand, what's coming next and how we can work together to make positive change.

EM Workforce

COVID-19 Support

Career Advancement

Defending EM Physicians

Billing & Reimbursement

Clinical Care

Equity & Inclusion

Physician Mental Health

Workplace Safety


Multiply Your Impact

Maybe you want to get more involved with the College, but you aren’t sure how to go about it. Put your passions to use by joining a section or volunteering for a committee. It’s a way to find a community that shares your goal of leaving our specialty better than you found it.

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Resources & Support

ACEP Membership

Career Center

ACEP23 in Philly

Strategic Plan

Point-of-Care Tools

Pushing for Solutions
to the Boarding Crisis

Brewing for years, the boarding crisis hit troublesome levels in late 2022. Your stories, filled with urgency and passion, allowed ACEP to launch a multichannel advocacy campaign.

Boarding Advocacy Updates

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