March 9, 2022

Defending EM Physicians

Artists Among Us: ACEP's 2021 Annual Report features original art submitted to the 2020 and 2021 HeART of Emergency Medicine Galleries. The artist of "Tired: A Self Portrait", Mary Jacob, MD, MPH, painted this from a photo a colleague took of her during the peak of the pandemic. Medium: Oil on Canvas

Scope of Practice Advocacy

State chapters, working in partnership ACEP and other state-based medical specialty societies, led successful campaigns to stop hostile scope of practice legislation. In Louisiana, legislation that would have given independent practice to nurse practitioners was considered to be a done deal, but it was ultimately stopped as the chapter mounted a grassroots campaign while also providing speakers at key hearings. Similar successes were achieved in Mississippi, Texas, South Dakota, and other states.

The Value of Emergency Medicine

ACEP’s Public Relations team deployed its Value of Emergency Medicine campaign in 2021, laying out common sense approaches to frame political issues, convey workforce and workplace realities, and share medical knowledge with the general public.

As part of this effort, ACEP worked with Morning Consult to conduct a public opinion poll that demonstrated frontline physicians are extremely valued by their communities. According to the poll, nearly 80 percent of adults trust a physician to deliver their medical care in an emergency, compared to a nurse practitioner (9 percent), physician assistant (7 percent) or nurse (5 percent). View the full poll results.

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